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Korpeen Story

The seeds for Korpeen were planted on the wilderness and nature guide course while skiing from Hetta to Pallas in 2015. The group had skiied through the untouched snow for three days. Glorious northern lights offered a colorful luminescence for each day.

One morning Eero woke up. It was cold and he felt hunger nipping in his stomach. There was no choice but to get dressed and put the portable stove on. Porridge and coffee – those were needed and quick! Eero poured gas in the heating bin of the cooker. Well, maybe he splashed it a little elsewhere too, but nothing to worry about, it would vaporize soon enough. Just light the cooker up.

BOOM!! The whole apse flamed up – at the same time Eero froze. At that moment Jalo woke up in his sleeping bag, sat up and stated laconically “Take the fire blanket and take the cooker outside”. This got Eero moving and he acted swiftly as instructed. Situation was over. Jalo slumped back to sleep. Eero thought to himself “What a cool-headed dude!”

A year later Eero called Jalo up to ask if he was interested in starting a business together. Jalo considered for a bit and said yes. The road to Korpeen could begin.

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Our operating principle

The central ideology for our business is to get people and nature together and acting in harmony. We want to make it possible for people to get positive experiences in nature to increase their wellbeing and to offer those experiences with safety and quality in mind.

Our principles for sustainability

Using our services, the customers will be instructed on operating in the natural environment ethically and focusing on sustainability.

Our focus on customers

We serve our customers with a personal touch. We take customer's needs and wishes into account and aim to adjust our services accordingly.

Our goal

Our aim is in profitable, forward-looking business culture so that in the future we can employ people and offer our customers even more high-quality nature services. This way we can on our part ensure that each customer can enjoy nature and its effects on well-being by walking, being, playing games, learning or just by bathing in the silence.


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Eero Fuks
CEO, Nature and Wilderness Guide

I have always liked being active in nature. Even before the nature and wilderness guide course, I held kite skiing courses in the winter and really enjoyed it. Therefore, I decided to expand my skills by becoming an official wilderness guide.

I have the utmost respect for nature and, in my current work at Korpeen, I am delighted to be able to offer our clients new experiences and feelings of success when moving and being active in nature. While the work may sometimes be tough, I always take it with humour and grit.

My strengths lie in my passion for cooking and teaching kite skiing.

I welcome every one of you to join me by a roaring fire and share feelings after our nature adventures together.

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Jalo-Aatos Alastalo
CEO, Nature and Wilderness Guide

I started admiring nature from behind the lens of a camera. Photography took me to numerous nature destinations, but I wanted to have a more immersive touch to the wilderness. On the nature and wilderness guide course offered by Hyria in Hyvinkää, I got to try new sports and learn more about the natural environment. After the training I toyed with the idea of becoming a wilderness guide by profession and then Eero called me up and we started our business.

To me nature provides peace and energy for all other areas of my life. My wish is that everyone else also has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature in the Southern Finland and try destinations they haven’t been to before safely and with a skilled guide. This way I can pull my weight in bringing the nature and people closer together.

My strengths are in sea kayaking, canoeing and mountain biking. And of course in photography where this all began.

I’d like to welcome all adventurers to go with me toward positive nature experiences! It does not necessarily require much to get going. Just get out!