Deluxe Tentsile experience (Hyvinkää-Sveitsi)



Tentsile Deluxe experience

Deluxe Tentsile overnight stay includes:

– Tentsile connect safari tent, set up

– Breakfast in Hotel Sveitsi

– Morning swim in the Sveitsi Spa

– Sleeping mats, sleeping bags and inner covers.

– Toilet close to accommodation spot

TENTSILE CONNECT SAFARI is a double-skinned wood stay. Living area and base for two people and equipment. Tentsile is an eco-friendly because it does not damage the terrain or the trees to which the tent is attached. The tentsile experience is light and magical, as people rarely have the chance to feel floating in the air!

Recommended Accessories: Suitable outdoor clothing, personal care items.

Additional Services: Fatbike Cycling, Adventure Park SeikkailuSveitsi services, Hotel Sveitsi restaurant services.

Place: Hyvinkää, Sveitsi