Frequently asked questions

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  • How can I contact your customer service?

    You can call, text, email - Contact us the way that suits you best.

  • I got a Korpeen gift certificate as a gift. How can I use it?

    There is a code on the gift card that you can use when placing an order in our webshop. Fill in the code on the 'Order' page to the box titled 'Use a code'. After that the name, value and amount will show on the order. Accept the use of the gift card by clicking the 'Add' button. If the gift card can only be used once the entire value is used for one order. If the value is not enough to cover the entire order, you'll only pay the sum left over.

  • Can I order products and services by phone or via email?

    You can, but we wish customers will primarily place orders using our webshop.

  • Can I place an order on behalf a business? Can I have it billed?

    You can, when placing an order you can select the it being made as a private person or as a business. If you wish to receive a bill, want to have an offer for a larger number of goods or for a bigger event, send us a request with our contact form or send an email directly to info@korpeen.fi.

  • How can I pay an order?

    In Korpeen webshop, you can pay via PayPal, with VISA or Mastercard and via Finnish online banks.

  • Where is the webshop hosted?

    Korpeen webshop resides on Aptual Commerce Oy servers that are sequestered from other servers. The server environment is the highly reliable and secure Amazon cloud.

  • Is it safe to order?

    Yes! We use the secure HTTPS connection so your information is not at the reach of strangers. The SSL rating of our platform is A+. The credit card information of our customers is never saved on a server, which means they cannot be hacked. We only use trusted and technologically advanced ways of payment.

  • How are ordered goods delivered?

    Goods ordered on our weshop are delivered by post either to a SmartPost or to your home.

  • Can I have goods delivered outside of Finland?

    No, we only deliver goods to Finland.

  • How quickly do I receive ordered goods?

    We always aim to have goods shipped as soon as possible. Most of the products are in our own stock.

  • I cannot use the service I have ordered. Can I cancel it?

    Yes you can. Pleas check our terms and conditions for more information on cancellations.

  • I am not happy with a product I ordered. Can I return it?

    Yes, you can. Please check our terms and conditions for more information on cancellations and returns.

  • Can I return a product free of charge?

    No, the customer is responsible for any costs and charges for returning a product.

  • I am not happy with your product or service. How can I make an official complaint?

    We are sorry to hear that! Please check our terms and conditions for more information on reclamations.

  • Can I bring my dog for my stay in Tentsile?

    No you cannot, pets are not allowed to stay in our tents.

  • Can I bring my pet to the area where your services are carried out?

    For the most part pets are allowed on our outdoor activities, but you are responsible for abiding by any appropriate laws in force.