Website credits

This website was designed and developed by Online Freelancers from Finland who value integrity, professionalism, quality and teamwork.

The website was built on the WordPress Open Source CMS and features a fast, SEO friendly, customizable and highly compatible theme. One of the main requirements was a truly responsive website and now scales from ultra wide monitors all the way to small smart watches.

Korpeen social media presence was also taken into account by integrating social media to this website.

The renewed webshop was built on top of Johku eCommerce solution.

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Project team

Jaana Laatikainen
  • UX & web design
  • Content structure & writing
  • Site building
  • Website development, full-stack
  • Webshop design and construction
  • SEO for the website
  • QA & testing
Satu Könni
  • UI design, visual appearance
  • Content writing
  • Translations
  • Legal & compliance

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